Y4 – Day 93 – Gluten Intolerant?

I have six out of the eight possible symptoms for gluten intolerance. I don’t think I have celiac disease and I haven’t been tested, but for the last few days I have avoided gluten and feel just a tad better, at least no headaches. Here are the 8 signs to look for:

  1. Brain Fog
  2. Unexpected Weight Gain
  3. Dental Problems
  4. Headaches or Migraines
  5. Joint and Muscle Aches
  6. Fatigue and Exhaustion
  7. Skin Problems
  8. Abnormal Immune Function

I have the first six. I will continue avoiding gluten and see if I also get rid of weight, memory/word loss, mouth sores and this tired feeling I experience way too much especially after chomping down on some pizza, pasta, bread, etc….

Plus, I am saying goodbye to sugar again. The first few days make me cranky so I am glad I am alone up here in Arrowhead.

I really need to commit this time.

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