Y4 – Day 89 – Bliss

What does bliss feel like?

Where do you feel it?

When do you feel it?

For me, bliss feels momentous! It’s in the moment and then when I recognize it is bliss, it kinda loses its novelty and it becomes just a memory.

I love the feeling of bliss because it feels like pure, radiant confidence, healing and special all in one tied up pretty pink box with a chocolate bow in one split second.

It makes me believe I am the queen of my destiny and I can give and receive all at once.

It springs forth and feels free. It feels like purpose, availability and openness, like a great big blue wide sky.

It feels divine and I feel it in my cells, bones, tissues and heart.

I feel it when I am immersed in joy, tinkering, or besieged with gratefulness like sunny rays of light specks beaming into my very soul, awash with an overall connectedness to everything. I am one with it all.

Oh yes, it feels like all the stars are in alignment and my chakras are spiraling together like a kaleidoscope.

You ever get that feeling?

It’s called bliss. It’a a spiritual experience.

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