Y4 – Day 65 – Limited Thoughts and Paradigm Shifts

What’s running your life? You or your limitations?

It is a process to shift from a limiting to an empowering perception of yourself. Just switch the focus to beliefs that lead to where you want to go.

Instead of ” I am overwhelmed and too short on time” repeating in your head, listen to your new paradigm and belief, ” Every task is easy and enjoyable. I have all the time I need to accomplish whatever I want or need to get done.” And, then, let it go at that.

Instead of ” I have no time to work out and no motivation” turn it around to ” I deserve a healthy body. I get great satisfaction¬†from getting slim and toned with exercise.”

Instead of ” This place is always cluttered ” change it to ” I am neat and organized.”

Instead of ” I am not good enough” know in your inner being that ” I have a lot to give.”

 Stopping yourself when you hear negativity in your brain, erasing it and affirming the opposite is just another tool to better mental and over all health.

Hope this helps someone.

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