Y4 – Day 62 – Belief

What do you believe in? If your beliefs are limited then you are enclosing yourself in a box.

Make a list of your beliefs. I just found my list from 2004. I have changed many of my old ideas but the essence of goodness has always been there as a core theme. Some of my prior thoughts I have completely turned 180 degrees like thinking all minimalist and ultramodern art is pretentious. I kind of like free forms and abstract more these days. Some of my thinking I have actually delved into, like investigating the supernatural, in order to cement my convictions.

Here are a few concepts I still strongly trust in:

Miracles * Love * Hope *

Change is inevitable * Life is Unpredictable *

I can change, evolve, better myself and mature wisely * I can help and guide others * Flexibility in mind and body

Gardening, Art, Reading, Writing, Music and Cooking are Therapeutic for me.

Manners * Class * Style

Friends * Kindred Spirits * Soulmates

The Soul * Nature * Beauty

I have a lot to work on because It Is a Journey, not a destination.

Volunteering and Generosity is a gift you give to yourself and is a win-win.

HOW* – Honesty, Openness and Willingness is HOW I can transform.

What would I add in 2016, a dozen years later?

Compassion and Kindness are not weaknesses. * It takes Courage to move forward. * Being Content does not mean complacency. * Self-love is not about being conceited or cocky. * Awareness and Forgiveness of Self leads to Acceptance of others.* I can live life or just exist.* The Universe is ultimately good. * Joy * Meditation * Prayer * Eastern Philosophy * Hugs * Intuition* Letting Go is a Grief Process I can Survive*

And, what would I like to believe in for the future?

I can do anything. * I am capable, competent and consistently disciplined.*

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