Y4 – Day 53 – I am Enough

Who I am is what I have to give.

Quite simply, I must remember that’s enough.

~ Anne Wilson Schaef

Here, is a meditative awareness with and for everything.

Let’s work on making this a great day and see what unfolds. Choose to matter and make every effort to be the best you can be. I may not be perfect, but I am whole, today.

What is it that you love?

I love my husband, kids, dog, friends and life.

This I must profess through actions not just words but even more importantly, I must love and take care of myself, now.

I always thought it was about thinking, doing for and serving others…but it is not that first. Before everything else, it is about how I feed, feel, respond and function as myself, my true self.

This is the first key: Acceptance of Self. Which begins and ends with forgiveness and compassion.

Here’s the second key: Know that I am Goddess embodied so I treat myself divinely. I am a reflection of Goddess¬†with human flaws. I am the divine – a sacred being first and foremost.

Third key: I am enough. I choose to be happy, do what I love, be in every minute and exude the presence of something higher than self throughout the day, in human form or action.




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