Y4 – Day 335 – March



“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

In March, we prepare the soil; digging deep with vigor, adding nourished amendments and envisioning a bounty for our spring garden. We will set up a foundation of mercy, explore the many routes to contemplation and reap rewards from proper balance.

March sets the stage for giving. For -give -ness is a state of generosity, for we GIVE compassion, tolerance, acceptance and love, replacing fear, judgment, intolerance and control. Forgiveness is a process of healing layer upon layer of hurt. We learn to settle disputes, let go of grievances and release resentments one day at a time, every day of our lives.

Along the way, we pick up tools for our personal development. We find new ways of meditating, cleansing and clearing to lift the strata of unhelpful patterns. Forgiveness practices are training wheels encouraging you to cycle with your own two feet, balancing spiritual and worldly interactions in a steady rhythm to move you forward on the course.

Cleaning our slate, emptying our old trash of complaints, we refill ourselves with renewed, better choices and perceptions. By taking out the garbage, we become empty canvasses for pure, original art, design and hues. We free our imaginative souls.

There is no heaven without absolution. This month, we realize we can’t want misery for other folk without being in limbo ourselves. Forgiveness ends every illusion we are separate from the present moment and our oneness with the universe. It begins and finishes with me, with you, with us.

Making amends to ourselves, forgiving our own harshness towards ourselves, we become guided by our true north, reconnecting with our actual power and the exact reason for our existence.

Let’s dissolve fear, call for spiritual guidance and spread the Love! Let’s carry out every moment with vivid, deep, extraordinary and exciting vision together! I implore and dare you to select this month as an opportunity to shed your Karma and past through forgiveness.

My spirit is eternal. It loves Harmony, Peace and Wonder. I trust that my highest good and greatest joy are unfolding now.



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