Y4 – Day 331 – Resemble

My life really resembles my thinking. That’s way important to remember. If I stay in victimhood or martyrdom, I am useless. I can’t help another living soul. Better to take on the archetype of goddess or universal lover. And, say to myself, “I am victorious, I am wonderful!”

And secretly, “I am a widely renown author, I am prolific, fantastic and proof positive that age doesn’t matter.”

Heck, you hear of people going back to school well into their 80’s and 90’s. Why not be finally published at 58 or so? If I am not a self professed and declared writer today – what do I think I would regret in five years? I am busy writing, creating, editing.

Nothing I write here is edited usually. This is straight off the cuff. This is my typing experimental playground. It is a wealth of inspiration when I am not sure which direction to take though. By plunking down my feelings, I get to see them in black and white. When I re-read them later in the year or however later in the future, I can see how far I have come or how much more work I have.

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