Y4 – Day 317 – Perspective

Astrologer Dora Jones said, “Each of us comes into life with a promise, a gift, a passion and a deep heartfelt desire.”

According to Iyanla Vanzant’s dissection of this quote:

The promise is what I have come to life to master, overcome, resolve and/or heal.

So, I started thinking about that mouthful of a sentence and Iyanla’s interpretation.

I know I have had to master my sense of victimhood, overcome my selfishness, resolve my mother issues and heal my stubborn ego.

The gift is what I have to give to life and others. This includes talents and abilities. How do I  contribute and share it with others?

My gifts include a natural sharing and the therapeutic help I offer others so they can grow, see practical and spiritual solutions for themselves. I have a knack for unraveling, opening and identifying truths. I have the ability to teach in an organized, simplified way. 

The Passion are things I pursue for joy, that make me feel alive, make life worth living and meaningful, makes me feel valuable and worthy but others have belittled it as useless or I myself may believe that.

Working with words, color, plants, creating beauty and those who suffer from addiction are my passions. I know I believe these are valuable and good for me.

The Desire is the thing I want most to experience in life. Love and acceptance is usually it. The challenge is not to lose identity or integrity in the pursuit of whatever that desire is.

My desire includes love, acceptance but also PEACE, enlightenment and a sense of purpose. I know my heart sings when I help someone else achieve that “AHA” moment. There is nothing like being a teeny tiny or pivotal part of another’s awakening.

What is your promise? What are your gifts and passions? What is your desire?

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