Y4 – Day 313 – Conflict

Dealing with others, finding compassion and coming from a place of love, not fear, like an alert, on-guard animal, is something we all need to mature into if we had had any sort of trauma along the way. Inside we all have Conflict, the critical voice of Unworthiness and Cowardly rationalizations.The protective shield needs to be chipped away in small, and sometimes blunt, doses. The hidden message challenges prejudice, judgments and previous perceptions.

We get beyond our wounded scars by collecting them from all the scattered recesses of the mind and look at them fearlessly and objectively, even if accompanied by tears and sad grief.  One by one and then there was One, weathered and beat up like a distressed piece of driftwood. To face the giant hole of suffering, located in every soul if you dare search, is the main line of all your reservations to love wholly and completely. From this place, it takes courage to explore the seed of your doubt, worry and fear. After layers and veils of shame, guilt and resentments are lifted, you are left with a red, pumping heart, treasured in a wooden, barreled box.

Being Love, with loving boundaries, stripped of remorse, blame and reproach, we harness our passions, using them wisely. Be a change agent in your brave search for the authentic self, your search for fulfillment and meaning.



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