Y4 – Day 312 – Your Personal Renaissance

” When you reach out to follow your calling, the Universe supports you with a world of possibilities.” – Diane Dreher from Your Personal Renaissance.

I have read many of Diane Dreher’s books. Amongst them, The Tao of Woman hood and The Tao of Peace. Each of these tomes are literary examples of non-fiction in its most relatable yet academic form. Your Personal Renaissance is taking me over a year to digest as she loves to sprinkle exercises and deep writing prompts that delve far into your psyche. I am just not always ready for it. My next Dreher read is Inner Gardening wherein she cultivates the soil and the soul. Yet, I must be disciplined and finish Personal Renaissance first!

Today’s wise thoughts to self:

Be kind to self

Practice faith (whatever that looks for you but keep it positive and uplifting- not faith that the other shoe will drop out of the sky or a cynical belief).

Live in the Now

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