Y4 – Day 310 – Eyes of Compassion

Have the eyes of compassion when you see people spinning, defending and arguing over what you believe to be untrue, unloving or unkind. They are suffering.

Wisdom, great ideas, inventions, music, art and spiritual awakenings come from distress, grief and pain. As the ego is squeezed out, resilience, endurance and creative expression erupts. After a shock, the innocents, the healers, the believers and the protesters build a web of solidarity.

Renewed hope, the light of love as a torch and doing the right thing for all of humanity wins out in the end.Though it may look like it hasn’t.

Remember Love, you know, that home inside of you. Let Love live in you. Every single person is Love, sometimes they are just in denial, but it is there. It is behind the wound, the scab they don’t dare scratch. By forming a safe, loving circle, we can heal each other.

If the entire planet blew up right now, the spark of Love would still exist in the form of a cypher. The evolution of Consciousness is alive and well.


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