Y4 – Day 3 – MM 2016

Master Mind 2016 officially begins tonight. Six ladies and myself take the journey for six months. This is my second go around and the first one enabled me to focus on getting my house in order which metaphorically translated to getting my emotions and thoughts clarified and honed.

Tonight we share new goals, fresh perspectives and creative changes we want to see in ourselves and our world. In order to change the world, we must first BE the change and that is our mentor’s, Dana, message and constant guidance to us.

I seek Beauty inside, around and outside myself. That includes feelings, people, circumstances, choices and things. My goals are spiritual, meaningful and healthy.

We then decide on how to achieve these goals, whatever they are for each individual, in honor and in keeping with what we want to create for ourselves (in my case, beauty). It is a process most of the time but sometimes light bulb moments happen when we come together and share once a month.

Tonight, I will find out who my accountability buddy is and from there a relationship blooms via communication two to three times a week or more. We listen and we ask for help. We give encouragement, suggestions and we receive with open minds. We add and we take away. It’s a win-win.



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