Y4 – Day 289 – Women Lead Us Out of the Cave

I wanted to be a rebel rouser all my life and at last I can be if I grab the last of my hidden, submerged power not repress it. It is revitalizing the juices !!

A new women’s revolution is taking place. I want to be a part of it. Men are included.

Have you seen the new National Geographic? It is about gender.

There is a human transformation taking place and women (of course) are leading the way. We have been great organizers, delegators, team players and life supporters since the beginning of time.

Not only do we ache to be heard, we must move forward not backward in our expanding awareness both internally and externally.

The political atmosphere is a call to action and it has created a tidal wave of women surging forth. I am not hysterical – I am enthusiastic. I don’t snoop – I investigate. I am not a bitch – I am assertive. These are just 3 examples of how SYNTAX or labels have kept us down. Or so they thought.

“The times they are a-changing” as Bob Dylan once wrote. But we need even more.

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