Y4 – Day 276 – What do You Know about You?

I know I am wonderful, bright, a teacher and a giver.

I know the best of me is a dreamer, has an artistic bent and nourishes others.

When I do not inspire myself or others by not being me, it is a sad day indeed for you and for me.

I give counsel from sharing my own experience. I guide others with a torch to light deeply inside the crevices.

I teach others to think outside the box. I can teach anything I am given to instruct by breaking it down into small, simple steps. That’s my gift.

When I don’t specialize in excelling, everyone loses.

Who are we? There is a radical relevance to our owning our power and making connections. It serves us well. It serves others. It honors my Goddess, in me and in you.

The art of the web is an earthling construct but an innately natural design.

The essence of my being wants to reach you with words, nurse you with spoken or written caresses and give back to my fellow travelers, using symbols we agree on, beyond, below and through a feeling we are all initially born with.

So who are you? What do you know deep down about you?

Give me the best of you. Show me your gifts.

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