Y4 – Day 247 – Tree

If you were a tree, which branches would be Happy?

Which of your branches would be Sad?

For me, I am joyful when I recognize and have a sense of humor. Who doesn’t love the release of laughter? When I give, I receive, so that makes me feel good too. I have a sunnier disposition when I am grateful.

The other side of the coin shows up mainly as expectations. I disappoint myself with my procrastinating, lazy ways. My scattered brain seems so disorganized and that frustrates me. When I am in fear, which is nearly all the time, I feel like I cannot rest, like my dog, Cindi, one eye open waiting for the next person to walk by so she can bark at them.

I know one thing. Becoming too attached to outcome, being hooked into the external, basing my happiness on others instead of myself, doesn’t work. Finding the worthiness to be okay with doing something for myself, has taken a long time to grasp.

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