Y4 – Day 232 – Day before Thanks Living

Gifted with the life of a gorgeous female turkey, V saved a sentient being in my name.

Beatrice was spared at an early age from a commercial turkey farm. After an eventful span of caretakers where one woman said Beatrice followed her around like a rescued, grateful dog, warranting and loving attention, she was sent to the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in upstate N.Y.

Beatrice is an individual – someone like your pet dog or cat, with feelings, a personality and    a beautiful being. She loves to be petted like your furry family. Her affectionate disposition has converted many volunteers to becoming vegan, seeing her as the staff knows well, as a friend, not food.

I am a lucky mama today. I feel so blessed. My two daughters arrived safely and together. We are creating a Thanks Living Holiday in unison!

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