Y4 – Day 231 – Retort to Adults

Many people right now are livid with the youth. what? Every age has its pros and cons.

Adults who blame millennials for protesting can kiss my butt.

I have learned so much from my adult children (millennials all 3)!

I am not sure some people remember being young any more. We were all passionate, loud and idealistic at one time. I still am.

I can remember wearing a P.O.W. bracelet during the Vietnam war and refusing to take it off for gym and being punished with a lower grade. I remember sirens and hiding under the desk as a six year old for G’s sake.

I find adults who don’t listen to the younger generation, very sad indeed, whether it was back in the 60’s or this week in 2016. After all, they inherit all of our stupid mistakes, not just our genes.

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