Y4 – Day 229 – Dear Goddess

Dear Goddess, Creative Intelligence, Divine Oneness:

Please help all those souls that have passed because of evil intentions and doings. Please help with the pain inflicted on their families and the earth’s psyche. May the blood let that runneth over be transformed into higher good.

Please help evil persons to have doubts and misgivings about their behavior. Please help them see the light and love in order to put down their swords of hate.

Please help me be a source of goodness, a channel of wisdom or faith. Please restore my belief in humanity. Please help me have the courage to point out the distasteful without fear or care of recrimination. Please help me protect myself from the hopelessness, anger and apathy.

Thank you, Goddess, thank you for listening.

It’s not political anymore. It is a spiritual fight – In the least dogmatic way possible. It is the ultimate good vs. evil. This is real.

Interestingly enough, it started raining. As I just typed that last line.

Oh how rain and tears wash away the sound of low vibrations and beg the Gods that watch over us for mercy and relief.

“Courage is a love affair with the unknown.” – OSHO

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