Y4 – Day 227 – Balance, Equanimity and Peace

A Japanese tea set lovingly placed on a comfy, cushy white silky looking bed cover is my inspiration and emblem tonight of balance, equanimity, beauty, simplicity and Peace. Thank you to V for photo shot in Osaka, Japan two months ago.14446466_10210105799712194_117048582_o

This represents balance in its purest, mathematical, visual art form. The cup on the left is turned upside down with its white, tall circle a counter to the right cup facing up with its deep, dark round shape.

In the center, the tea kettle, spout due north, its lid evening out the east and west circles, the handle a straight line, halving the tray. The entire rectangular snug design is outlined in gold yellow, popping and framing the arrangement in strict lines.

Meanwhile, the white background looks pillowy soft and feathered with shading that suggests the heft of the tea set amid clouds.

Ah, the yin and yang of it.

The equanimity, the beauty, the simplicity represented in this photo creates a masterpiece.

I don’t feel thirsty when I see this, I see a symbol of peace, a labyrinth garden, haiku, yoga and┬ácontemplation.

Look inside yourself and study it, what emotions show up for you?

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