Y4 – Day 224 – Still Have Peppers!!

“If you are going to do anything artistically – even if it’s cooking a meal – you’re opening yourself up to criticism.” – Mike Woolf, musician when free, health consultant by day. And – “Don’t let anybody tell you you’re not worth it, and it’s a waste of time.”

img_2209We still have peppers, cherry tomatoes and basil. My garden keeps on delivering.

I am still creating seven to nine home cooked meals a week due to my vegan life and my husband’s non-vegan lifestyle.

We have used and abused this kitchen over the years. It is not huge and yet it is still one of the easiest, most functional spaces I have ever cooked in. I have used it to cater, entertain, teach and grow a family. My kids have used it as an experimental lab while testing out their skills and now to make delicious snacks and new meals for us.

I am so grateful for this life I live and this wonderful home we get to house our dreams and play in.

Maintaining a positive outlook spreads hope!

I cannot wait to make a vegan fudge cake today!

The right time is any time that one is still so lucky as to have. – Henry James

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