Y4 – Day 223 – Naturally

The best portion of a man’s life are his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love. – William Wordsworth

Nature is everywhere. It tells you to hope, dream, conquer debilities and flaws. Earth’s narrative teaches us to rise forth, reach, be willing, embrace, share, shine, be yourselves, grow, spread beauty and be flexible. Gardening exemplifies this story line. A rose doesn’t want to be a daisy and from beginning to end, a nut, bulb or seed spurts out its best self, without complaint, comparison or compromise. A tree learns to bend with the wind or break. Every blade of grass leans and reaches for the sun. The planet is wild, primitive, organic and simple. It speaks to you.

“Maintain your authenticity and dignity,” beckons the cosmos.

Listen. Be willing to be vulnerable and humble. Hear the call of our habitat.

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