Y4 – Day 195 – The Power of Wonder

Wonder is Wisdom – Socrates

My pen feels smooth, effortless with deep and bold color. Cindi and I repose alongside each other. The treehouse is quiet inside but I hear wind chimes on the balcony. She is my precious, adorable therapy dog. I wonder how we got so lucky. Two souls meet in the ether and know they belong together. That’s how it was for us.

My daughter comes to visit and is in town. We make plans for the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena. I have never been. The day before and unbeknownst to me, M takes a roll of film he found in his car out of nowhere and gets it developed. It’s a series of photographs my daughter shot when she went to the same exact museum with her Art History class in High School. Coinquidink? I think not. I wonder how we don’t connect the dots more often? I wonder what else am I missing because I am too worried, too caught up in the daily grind or too blind to see?

“There is only one cause of unhappiness;
the false beliefs you have in your head,
beliefs so widespread, so commonly held,
that it never occurs to you to question them.”
Anthony de Mello

I often imagine myself in Oregon or some other colder, greener, gloomier state. I wonder how different life would have been if we had settled there back in 1993. I wonder why I love it when the weather is dark and grey. Why do I love the soft drizzle of raindrops?

You know there’s power in wondering, pondering, contemplation, right?

If I didn’t wonder I would miss the power in all of these details that make a life wonderful.

You gotta have a dream.
If you don’t have a dream,
how you gonna make a dream come true?
Oscar Hammerstein II

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