Y4 – Day 194 – Worming my Way Through

A box arrived the other day. I had to sign for it.

I held on to Cindi’s collar because she was barking at the delivery man as if she was a big, trained K – 9 German Shepard who just broke a murder mystery by barking at the criminal. She seriously thinks she is larger and meaner than she is. Too bad all you have to do is hand her a treat and any felon would walk right in the front door.

The package laid around for a few days. I was building up my courage to open it. I wrote it on my things to do today list I place on my kitchen peninsula for five days. I would check in with myself for any inkling of bravado every time I stopped by the kitchen to read my agenda and cross things off.

And then yesterday afternoon, I found some time and lots of hutzpah. I announced to my husband I finally decided to pull the trigger and open it.

Four days prior, I had looked up directions. I was convinced I could not do this without lots of support. M asked if he could help, “I do this all the time.”

“No.” I answered. “I’ll figure it out.” I presumed. “I’ll get frustrated and it won’t be good.” Knowing how controlling, territorial and stubborn I am. Just like Cindi. I swear she is me, in dog form.

Besides, whenever we try to follow directions, build items with parts and instructions or learn how to use a new tech gadget, it turns into a disaster. Someone’s feelings always get hurt.

No. I knew this was something I had to do in seclusion.

I found a razor and opened up the parcel. I pulled out the wrapped gift and peeled the plastic off. I slit the transparent tape with my blade. I lifted the lid carefully.

I reread the instructions I had printed out. I dreaded ruining the whole transaction. I plugged it in. It asked for a username and my password.

Two and a half hours later, all of my information was simply transferred from my first device. It practically did it all itself.

And now, I am typing on a brand new, enhanced speed, super charged, boosted laptop. I didn’t lose a single email. I installed Word 2016 by myself, tonight.

Welcome to my world, Cecilia’s MacBookPro 2 with bumped up processor and capacity!


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