Y4 – Day 188 – Balance Poem

Sometimes you just have to think, write or do something outside the box, far from your normal or comfortable bubble.

Find your hum, your equilibrium between rata – ta – ta-tat and zzzzzzzz.


Motion inside, activity between

The breathing room is created.

Routines held, agendas kept

The space and air is designed.

Noise and commotion,

Quiet and ease,

Yin finds Yang

Fire meets water.

The female raises the male,

Up elevates down,

Earth touches the sky

While east voyages west.

North above the south,

Hot calming the cold,

Left touches the right.

The heart lies in the center,

It’s a fulcrum, the middle ground.

The soul searches for home,

Radiating, entering,

Shining, inhaling

Energy, in and out.

The pulse seeks balance.

Symmetry causes peace.

Moderation brings bliss.

Life is measured in silence

Rising, flowing, continuing,

Till the final, the ultimate, the infinite,

Meditative and still repose.

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