Y4 – Day 169 – Dream/Awake Time

You know that space between knowing you’re awake and asking for more time to sleep? Maybe you would like to finish the dream you were just having where you were just about to be handed a trophy for being the best human being/career person/lifeguard, whatever…or you finally realized your purpose in life was to…

Sometimes I let slumber take me back. Then I can connect the dots and see the answers clearly. Sometimes I just get up, there is nothing more frustrating than tossing and turning when you have a deadline or tasks to perform. Usually, these are exactly the restless early mornings and now behold, you have no energy. That ever happen to you?

Pretty regularly , I rise and make coffee, go back to bed and pull out my trusty pen and journal and write for at least three pages of uninterrupted nonsense to get it out of my head and onto the page.

Occasionally, words of wisdom, solutions and even outside the box ideas pop up. Even inventive new sentences can appear and when I re-read them another time looking for juicy material, I wonder who wrote that?

Here and there, I drone on and on in my early morning writing about how I can’t remember the dream where I fixed the world with this fabulous notion or… about how awful I feel for over indulging late at night mindlessly and my tummy hurts.



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