Y4 – Day 168 – Mountain Time with Cindi

I walked through the balcony door threshold and then I blankly looked straight ahead and wondered why I was there. I am in my pjs. I am wearing thick, ivory bed socks. My pajama top looks like a black dress with a scoop neck and the fabric is divinely soft. Anyway, I turn back and look at Cindi and then decide to go back into the treehouse and close the screen door behind me.

Oh well, I ‘ll remember when it’s important enough and it pops back into my head and I will just fetch whatever it was then. 

Cindi looks at me like she’s asking, “Are you coming or going, lady?” also “Will there be treats involved?” and with an urgent look of hope, “Is that why you walked back in? To get me a treat?”

She stares at me as I sit back down on the loveseat and plops her chin down on her Ducks blanket, resigned to my indecisiveness.


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