Y4 – Day 147 – You Finish It

Print out this page. Finish the following sentences/affirmations/questions with whatever sparks you and comes to you first.

I focus on _______ with joy and dedication.

I am inspired to _______ today.

I ask _______ to help me and be with me.

I allow  __________ to raise my thoughts to higher ground.

Why do I choose to __________ ?

How shall I _______ ?

Why don’t I _________ ?

If I could imagine the perfect scenario for the ___________ part of my life, what would it look like?

If I had all the time and energy in the world, I would _______.

My favorite pastime is _________ .

If I could go anywhere right now, in an instant, where would I opt to go?

Who would I bring? Not bring with me?

What would I do there?

Good start to getting in touch with self for the day.


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