Y4 – Day 130 – Off to San Diego -YEA!

I love Paradise Point, well, I hope I still do.

Bringing books, notebooks, prompts, fun reads, magazines, snacks, too many clothes and make-up, laptop, camera, i-pad, phone, fitbit and chargers. Taking incense, perfume, enough toiletries for three women and money. All should be well.

Just in case, they have a cute, darling everything store on the grounds and you can buy clothes, drugstore goods, food or any last minute items you forgot.

There is a coffee kiosk, pool, spa, mini golf, tennis, restaurants and acres of gorgeous trails with bridges, ducks, ponds and exotic foliage encircled by a bay.

When the chickadees were little and older actually, we would vacay there at least once a year or so.

Bonfires on the beach, s’mores and sea shell collecting are some of the highlights for me. The Barefoot Cafe, the seagulls and the lights at Christmas are probably the high spots for the kids.

I imagine the love of my life considers the down time, naps by the shore and the laid back atmosphere of just parking and never having to leave is his fundamental dream come true.

This time we are traveling and rooming with Cindi. Hopefully, our plans will pan out and she will be dog sat while we are applauding at the The Cure concert, tomorrow night. This will be our third time in the first row for this infamously crazy good moody music.

Love that cat. And how appropriate it is on Friday. I’m in love so don’t cry boys. This love song is just like heaven. I think we will be underneath the stars on a night like this and I will take¬†pictures of you.

HOW many references can you spy? Tune into tomorrow for the answer.

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