Y4 – Day 125 – Faith

I have faith there is some sort of Higher Order, perhaps a Multi Universal Entity,   one or many mathematical equations or some such that resolves, creates and completes everything.

The natural earth cycle seems to be circle like, spiraling.

We are arrogant to think the sun, moon and stars are just for us. There is so much more out there and around everywhere we can’t even see, but I am telling you, it exists. We only see 2% of electromagnetic waves and that is limited to color.

Like Dr. Seuss’s, Horton Hears a Who, there is a whole world in a speck of dust. I know a whole world exists under our feet, in the dirt that most of us never think about. It took horticultural classes for me to realize the magnitude of living organisms that call soil their home.

We have observed and dissected plant parts, theorized their evolution and studied their reproduction but where did it all start from?

Now scientists are discovering and measuring vibrations and waves of sound from plants – what every tree hugger, indigenous tribe, poet, metaphysical creative and ancient seer understood intuitively is that nature has its own sound, its own movement and now they are proving it true for the people who made fun of these sensitive, sentient beings.

I begin to believe in my own way, the truth really was always in me.

Click your heels three times, Cecilia.

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