Y4 – Day 117 – Yoga and Me

I write 10 minute prompts, a stream of consciousness, for practice.

It is usually your first thought, your heart, frustrations and soul screaming to get out.

You can do this too. From Natalie Goldberg, here is your 10 minute prompt. Use long hand, pen or pencil, not the computer. Just don’t pick up the pen or think too much or at all, just let it out. I want to write about……….

I want to write about yoga and how it changed my life. How teaching it at my home, once a week is enough. How it made me realize way back when that I had a problem. How it helped me focus on my health and relationships and healing. How it went deeper than physical.  How it opened up my mind and fed me spiritually. I want to write about how the culture of yoga both educated and energized me, as well as disappointed me in regards to business and human nature/personalities.

I learned certain relationships were unfixable and with clarity watched them hit new lows.

I want to write about how yoga helped me grow, learn and realize that yoga wasn’t the end all either. I had to reach out to other spheres and places but it was still waiting for me in its purest form, unconditionally even when everything went dark and toxic for a while there and I had to dig myself out of a hole.

That was all the time I had.


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