Y3 – Day 55 – The Course

I was able to listen today and hear some insightful beliefs and contemplate their depth of meaning. All it took was the last half hour of a discussion book study on The Course in Miracles to set me right and back on the path of remembering how to wisely use my thoughts. It also made me ponder and re-affirm the value of our lives, in whatever form that takes. It reinforced and validated my journey.

If my shoulders relax, my breath slows, deepens and elongates, I know I have chosen well and done the right thing, for the highest good of all. If I tense up or my stomach knots up, I have gone against my authentic self. That is why it is imperative that I listen to my body. I knew immediately, by my body’s response, I was in the best place and space for me today and I had made the correct decision to attend the discussion, even if a bit late.

We have choices today. I am grateful just for that. I also know that I do not want to be in fear, anger or worry. I recognize what that looks and feels like on me first. Then, I get to work through it. And then, I have an option. Do I want to dwell in that or do I want to be in the expansiveness of creation? When I choose the latter, a whole new world opens up and I get to accomplish my real purpose here and all because I had a change in my perspective, taking the focus off my ego self and adjusting the view to my highest Self.

In my Higher Self state, I do not think self absorbed thoughts, I do not say stupid, insipid, empty and trite things and I act appropriately.

I seek peace and I live with wonder and awe!

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