Y3 – Day 54 – 25 Years

Twenty five years on this planet! Today is my eldest’s birthday and knowing him now for a quarter century is beyond belief!


If anyone wants to get teary-eyed they can search this date for 2013 and 2014 (or rather Day 97 – I remember when or Y2 – Day 54 – Wisdom) and they can read previous tributes and anecdotes on our first born son’s birth.

Today, I want to send out greetings to a young man who has become his own person, still learning, growing and enjoying his life with optimism, joy and reason. M is kind, generous and sweet; his smile or rather smirk,┬áthe look of surprise in almost every photograph, his gentleness and patience with his sisters, his chivalry and loyalty to all, his depth, his eagerness, his enthusiasm and his self-awareness – is just the tip of the iceberg.

In honor of this boy turned into man who turned his curiosity of dinosaurs into a love of learning, his aptitude for Nintendo into a career into computer engineering and his sensitive nature into a loving partner, caring friend, dedicated, helpful and supportive brother and Best Son Ever – I say proudly and loudly – Happy Birthday, M, Happy Birthday, and may all your days be as precious as you are!

Love, Mom

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