Y3 – Day 357 – What To Let Go Of

In the latter half of 2015, I started to accept and wrap my head around letting go of stuff and seriously start decluttering. As a consequence, my creativity and energy came back.

Here’s five ideas of what to let go of to get you started too:

  1. Anything you find no joy in anymore – just stash it away if you are emotionally attached to it – till you can release it.
  2. Anything truly ugly in your eyes now even though you adored it once or your late, great-grandmother gave it to you as a wedding present. Take a picture.
  3. Anything that doesn’t represent who you are to yourself today. It just doesn’t fit your style or stage of life anymore. Stay authentic to your new self as you evolve.
  4. Anything outdated like that boombox or cd walkman or even projects you know you will never really finish because the passion for it is just gone.
  5. Anything broken, unless you love it and can repurpose, re-use it or re-build it.

It’s ok to leave a wall, a corner or a part of your floor, blank. It allows your imagination to spin and keep you open.

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