Y3 – Day 305 – The News

You are going to see people behaving badly in the media or making it in the news reports.

But there is another side. I see people behaving heroically and generously all the time if you look for it. Yes, the barage of info we get is usually negative, but look for the good and more of it will show up.

That being said, there are some items that are omitted from your radar because these entities do not want you to know about them. I am specifically aiming this light on Big Agra, Big Pharma and Big Animal Agra. You can be better informed if you dig deep for it, but don’t expect the violent ideology to stop unless you are willing to be in a lot of pain, anger and disgust. It takes guts to stomach what goes on behind stronger than penitentiary walls, in the slaughterhouses.

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