Y3 – Day 306 – Believe

Believe who people show you whom they are by their actions. When people are impatient, stubborn or mean, take it at face value. Don’t make excuses.

I don’t care what your background, childhood or situation is, you can always be kind, courteous and respectful. Of course – enough is enough sometimes, but in general, you can depend on repeated rotten behavior to be the norm for some.

And some are just not genuine and they exhibit false advertising all day long depending on whom is in front of them and who is looking.

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

It takes self awareness to identify your character flaws. Then, it takes acceptance to wrap your head around it and process solution. Finally, it takes action to change the things you CAN change, which is only usually yourself, your attitude, your response or your perspective. And, the hardest thing for a human being to grasp, is changing themselves.

I call it the triple A or AAA. Awareness, acceptance and action and – in that order.

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