Y3 – Day 283 – Debates

Tonight is the Democratic debates between potential nominees for president. It is always an attraction to watch politics in full swing.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Republican debates from the comfort of my couch, texting my son back and forth with opinions and observations.

A good politician is a great communicator and must earn our respect and trust. Many people with fixed ideas cannot think outside the box but I believe with Trump, the conversation has blown wide open. Good. It’s about time. An example of how you can pluck a positive and gain insight out of every situation.

A great politician is appropriate and relates honestly and efficiently. They can allow the past to influence and instruct the present moment but also have acquired new skills and solutions that clarify everything for everyone.

An exceptional politician untangles misunderstandings, resolves potential disagreements quickly, assumes nothing and sees every encounter as an opportunity to behave with integrity, intelligence, logic and heart.

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