Y3 – Day 234 -Values

What I have learned by doing a thorough search about my values is that I never considered how coming from two different cultures and languages could give me such a wide understanding of what molds us. Never mind two distinct and opposite coastal areas in this large, expansive United States. Add to that, generational diversity.

It really comes down to your experiences or non-experiences and how you relate to them. You can adopt or even adapt certain values on for size, here and there. For example, I became vegetarian because of the yogic value of ahimsa or compassion for all living things. Then I delved deeper and became vegan and then raw vegan. And back and forth. It is a wide world out there and luckily I can change my mind.

It is also a small world, right here, when you meet up with synchronicity amiable to your values, right under your nose, in your own backyard. When all of a sudden, everyone is starting to ponder what you delved in a decade ago. I can remember when yoga was something only hippies were allowed to enjoy and now every age group has taken at least one class. I recall meditation as “contemplating your navel” like a snarky comment and now the medical profession endorses it.

So you never know. Your values can change, mold and meld with the times as you grow, learn and experience life.

I have also learned you cannot dictate your values. There are a lot of modern situations I am not comfortable with. The pendulum swings though. Everything has a way and means of evolving and change is the only constant.

Here is what I DO know about me. There are four core values I hold very dear; Love, Loyalty, Respect and Compassion. I ABHOR war and I believe PEACE is what we all really want, bottom line – and Fairness too. It is a shame we cannot come to an accord about this all at the same time, let’s say, this instant. It is a disgrace there is so much tolerance for bad behavior.

And, bottom line, at the end of my rant, I have learned you can’t be real strict about your values, you have to learn to adapt and pick your battles.


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