Y3 – Day 233 – 8 Reflections

Hold your head up nobly, not haughtily nor arrogantly.

BE the woman/man you have been searching for all of your life, in all the wrong places (outside self).

Empathize but place boundaries, not walls, between yourself and energy sappers.

The ultimate purpose is to be happy and spread joy, receive love and be love.

The meaning of life is to find freedom from the search for something better, more, in the future because the details are in the now; the moment is the present and therefore the gift.

Find peace through acceptance in whatever circumstance you are in and keep your head while those around you crumble.

To BE the light is to be enlightened.

You will be given all the answers within you, have the patience to wait for it, the acceptance when you receive no reply or whatever the reply may be and the poise to carry out the actions without fear or worry but remain in positive belief with maturity and wisdom. It does come from within and it does take its time.


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