Y3 – Day 187 – Master Minds

Just came home from my first Master Mind session with six other women. My friend D, the facilitator, held it in her home. It was an opportunity to share our pin pointed goals and brainstorm solutions or offer different perspectives/angles of viewing challenges so our focus remains laser sharp.

Plus, we got accountability buddies and a demo on what that looks like.

Serendipity has me paired up with an old friend I had not seen in over eight years who just happens to be in the group via her neighbor/walking buddy who joined the circle six months ago. We had lost touch and now not only is she back in my life but we are going to help each other grow!

Sometimes you cross paths with people again because of unfinished business or because you both needed time to experience life separately but still have more to learn from each other.

It will be fun to re-connect and advise and talk up a storm with each other again.

Who knows? I would have never predicted this in a million years, The universe must feel this is the right person for each of us to take the next step in our lives with and I am going to ride that train and see where the journey takes us.


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