Y3 – Day 186 – Back on Track

Today at yoga we worked on our lower backs, specifically the lower lumbar and sacral spine.

We used clary sage and ginger essential oil drops first and massaged it on our lower backs which when applied topically to our skin, the biggest organ of our body, relaxes, warms and tenderizes the muscles, tissues and area on a cellular level.

We held and felt the energy of a Vanadinite specimen which helps us focus, ground and work through any major projects or hard work like back “breaking” or opening.

As we listened to an Egyptian female chanteuse for some of the playlist, sitars and singing bowls for the rest, we undulated, flexed and extended our spines.

And finally, after a Savasna echoed in silence only by a brass Tibetan bowl, a crystal quartz bowl and chimes, we received guidance from a spiritual deck of cards for fun and conversation.

Next week, we will go back to serving tea during cards bringing us nurturing refreshment as well as a sense of closure to our practice.



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