Y3 – Day 182 – Being the Change

In the last few weeks, I have taken and enjoyed my mentor’s class she has been developing and has launched, called ‘Being the Change.’ She took Gandhi’s quote to help others learn how to create positive habits that directly enhance and promote whatever their values are. She is helping many people find their purpose and then expanding upon their visions.

To further my studies and work with her, I will be part of a ‘Master Mind’ group of women who will support and encourage each other monthly for the next six months. I look forward to what has already become a life changer or awakening for me. Her well thought out questionnaire and strategies are personal, reflective and deeply informative. I never realized certain limiting beliefs I had or pinpointed to such a degree what holds me back from acting on my innermost desires.

I am most grateful. And, I will keep you ‘posted’ if you like.

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