Y3 – Day 180 – Half Year Mark

July 1 – The half year mark, the buck moon tonight.

And where are we? What is holding you back? What is creating joy in your life? Who are you spending your time with? When will you speak your truth? How does your ‘garden’ grow? and Why do we do what we do? To what end?

These and many other questions populate my head and I must put pen to paper to answer.

We are here – in the present moment – in this space and time on planet earth. And, I give thanks.

The only thing holding me back is fear and sometimes to be perfectly honest, it is a lack of energy.

My family and good, positive, supportive and genuine friends of the human and furry kind create joy in my life.

I spend time with the above sentient beings as much as possible.

I will speak my truth under the cover of a pen name and therefore not care so much.

My ‘garden’ grows with lots of spiritual contemplation and personal silent meditation.

I put one foot in front of the other and do the next indicated step to continue on this transformational journey. And, I give thanks.

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