Y3 – Day 171 – True Calling

Your callings or specialities are possibly many, wide and varied but they are all connected to your spiritual self or soul. This is an observation of my own.

The accomplishment of a well lived life is one that inspires others.

Drishti in Sanskrit means ‘goal’ or ‘focus’. Yoga is much more than asana or ‘postures’. It is a way of living. You may be a gardener, a pro-activist, a writer, a seeker of divine transformation, a co-creator with the Universe, a mom (an undervalued role), an artist, a cook, a traveler,  a teacher, a student of life or a female yoga enthusiast (yogini). Whatever your focus, you live your ‘yoga’ by being in union with your goal and passion or Drishti point. No matter what you do, it is the alignment of your true north matched with discipline of action and emotion that manifests your dream into reality.

Have the highest, most noble intentions and you can influence your world. Continue to relentlessly move forward with purposeful benevolence and you will contribute and impact the world.

What are you here to do? Are you on the path?

With Creative Intelligence’s grace, you will deliver and accomplish. Feel the prana or ‘life force’ course through you.

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