Y3 – Day 163 – Seven Morning Rituals

Try to incorporate one or two of these or all seven when you wake up.

1. Prayer – Before your feet hit the floor in the morning, open your eyes and pray or at least say aloud that you are grateful for another day of life.  I say – Goodness, ‘thank you, help me stay safe and sane today, guide me today and let me be of service, thank you.’

2. Meditate – Read something inspirational and sit still for at least five minutes or do any practice you find meditative like yoga or breath work.

3. Journal – Alongside your morning beverage, have a spiral notebook and favorite pen that just glides and write down in a stream of consciousness. Release all the clutter from your head or note the events of the day or the day before.

4. Review – Give your calendar and agenda a once over. Check things to do, organize, map out your day and keep tabs on the weather. Make sure you are not overdoing it and delete or reschedule so you are not overwhelmed daily.

5. Eat Slow and Mindfully – Try to stay in the healthy range and never miss breakfast.

6. Move – Walk, work out at the gym or do some sort of movement like yoga or stretching. Any exercise counts. Otherwise your blood just doesn’t circulate.

7. Mantra – Every forty days, repeat a new Sanskrit mantra or affirmation of your choice in English using mala beads.

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