Y3 – Day 148 – Connecting and Learning

Last year was all about connecting with friends, family, new people, new ideas and extending myself outward then inward. I learned, I studied and I began to teach again.

It seems so far this year has been about loss, grief, strength and unexpected ways I have had the opportunity to be of service. I am grateful to be taken out of my selfish reverie.

In the span of three days, I have heard about human frailty, fear and frustration in different and varying shapes of pain. I have given hope, solution and comfort in the forms of listening, being there, soft spoken words and warm embraces. It helped me get out of self.

I gave exactly what I needed and have been given when in a similar state of mind –  for it is not so important what situations we are in as is the relief we feel, the connection we make, the vulnerability we admit to  – when we find ourselves in the same place of darkness.

I find that the courage it takes to share your woes becomes your wellspring of strength and much comradie can be sustained within suffering.

This I know: When you share your troubles, they are halved. When you share your joy, it is doubled.

“One must really have suffered oneself to help others.” – 
Mother Teresa

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