Y3 – Day 121 – Dinner without Cindi

Rare  – but it happened. 

In a heat wave you just don’t want to take out your pooch to dine. After gently coercing Cindi to stroll around the backyard in the shade and take care of business, feed her her dinner, we took off on our own.

Heaven forbid, yup, that is right…without the dog.

It felt like the first time out on a date without an infant.

First, we went to The Fish Market on Chapman, by the community college, which has new owners. Then, our very first time at Tru Blu Organic Coffees. And then, to start a weekend of debauchery we went to Pacific Ranch Market to mainly fill a bakery box full of naughty, naughty sweets.

IMG_3927Wild Caught Mahi Mahi fish tacos with coleslaw.

IMG_3930Delicious Organic Decaf with Organic Almond Milk over Ice and a Frapuccino were great dessert accompaniments.

We also tried the organic chocolate truffle covered in organic coconut.

Upon arriving home, Cindi greeted us with kisses and running back and forth between us and all around in her excitement and joy!!

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