Y3 – Day 120 – MayDay

Sunset’s birthday. Happy Birthday.

Another hot, hot day here – yuk – I abhor heat waves. Argh.

On the other hand, I am grateful we have air conditioning, my car has air and everywhere I go does too.

It makes me respect and admire those who have to work outdoors in all kinds of inclement weather.

Even if itĀ it is dry and hot and we are all a little uncomfortable or forced to come indoors and out of the Sun – I find it is just human nature to complain or mention the weather but I can rise above it after… observingĀ all the gifts around me with my sunglasses, wide brimmed hat and spf 50 on.

Ultimately, I am grateful for every breath I can take, and every waking moment. My experiences and my relationships are priceless.

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