Y3 – Day 12 – Onion Peeling

There are layers and layers of onion skin peeling away when you are on the spiritual path. Today, I had the honor and privilege of receiving some honest feedback and insight from a dear friend who helped me strip down to some core issues that have been plaguing me and blocking my growth.

It was hell. I felt vulnerable and I was an open wound. Even so, the work proved to have been worth it and a new openness and understanding is now ready to be healed.

A while back, I heard a story or saying wherein the doctor told the patient “I don’t do the healing, G-d does that.” “I just treat the symptom or the wound, but the body does the rest.”

I know I was meant to meet with my friend today who knows me through and through, to help me cross this bridge into unknown territory with courage, traversing the fragile terrain of the heart with dignity, and coming out on the other side of the resilient soul with a spiritual solution full of intent and veracity.

I am grateful I am still learning, still teachable, still eager to uncover and dig into the quarry –  under the light of the full moon, tonight.

Thank you K and thank you, HP in all of your goodness.

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