Y3 – Day 11 – Entertain Me

This weekend were the last two days for most people on Holiday and back to work/school for some tomorrow.

Yesterday, I saw two great movies I haven’t heard much about: One is American, One is French.

Although I caught just the middle to the end of “The Words”, what I saw, I liked. For starters, the premise is centered around two writers. I am not a ‘spoiler’ yet there is a line I want to share: “We all make choices in life. The hard thing is to live with them and there ain’t nobody can help you with that.” spoken by the incomparable actor, Jeremy Irons to Bradley Cooper. This film only received two stars according to my TV guide but I felt it was well worth the watch. Again, I don’t want to give anything away, but I did feel like the story inside the story was actually a fact I read about Ernest Hemingway in The Paris Wife though. Nonetheless, I was drawn in, maybe even more so.

The second movie, “Le Passe”, which means ‘The past’, was a raw, emotional roller coaster and I enjoyed every twist, turn, dip and slow rise. For one thing, no one does reality in real time like the French. For another, good writing and storytelling has no boundaries and plays well to everyone, regardless of race, creed or nationality. Human issues and truth are universal.

This 5 star movie also dealt with choices and the consequences we have to live with. Serendipity?

And then, today, we just came back from seeing “Kinky Boots” at Segerstrom Hall. It is a musical with music by Cyndi Lauper and a Broadway hit.  The cast is touring along with its orchestra which was very rock and roll. It is playing in OC till the eleventh. It has a simple, predictable story with an unconventional but contemporary, open-minded resolution.  We were big supporters of Hedwig when it first came out and watched Priscilla way back when so the campy theme is always a welcome refreshment to us.

Let me be entertained, was our motto this weekend. And what did you do to wrap up the holidays?

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