Y2-Day 15 – Mountain Retreat

Could there be a happier more serene place?  When I checked the weather, the status at home and my cold symptoms I arrived at the conclusion and made the decision to come up to my sanctuary treehouse.  What a wise choice.

There was hustle and bustle at my house, a full on five course meal being prepared, a whirlwind activity since they got the ok from the oral surgeon to “please go ahead and chew to your hearts content, stretch your mouth, do not be afraid to brush back there and feel free to eat.” And upon inquiry by me, it was publicly announced within the small examining room and in my daughters’ presence and earshot – they do not medically have to sleep on recliners in the den anymore and can sleep in their own beds although they enjoyed camping in our TV room for the last six days.

This was my first clue that my plans to get out of the feasting, prepping, cleaning and serving of a very special meal for someone very special on this very special day was a good one.  I am so very grateful to my husband for this cabin in the woods.  The weather, check.   The opportunity, check.  My cold symptoms, check.  The desire, double check.

And so, here I am.  After running just one more errand for the sister duo and loading up the car with clothes, books and pantry items, I packed up my Trader Jo cold bags with healthy foods from the fridge, stopped for gas and sped up to the 91 freeway toll road from the 55 north ramp.  I let everyone know that needed to know via bluetooth and I sit here now as the place warms up, looking at my Christmas mountain decor and just about dying with gratitude.  How did I get so lucky?

The first thing I do when I arrive and drive up the steep, pine needle strewn driveway, is text my husband and today, the girls to let everyone know I am fine.  I admire my getaway, open the door, put on the heat and I start to unpack the car.  Once I have a reasonable amount of items placed about and make sure everything is working, still intact and just take in the peace, I make a half pot of organic, water processed, kosher decaf in my good old reliable coffee maker.   I may switch to tea later and I have a classic Japanese cast iron tea pot with a tea light warming stand and a stainless steel electric water kettle on the counter for just such purposes.

I get around to eating but first I look around my clean, just like I left it, Christmas adorned environment.  I think I will keep the holiday theme till spring when I can be deck the halls with my spring/summer collection of birds, butterflies and flowers.  Noel goes well with the warmth inside of this home.  No need to dismantle Christmas here, it belongs in the thirty to forty degree weather with panoramic views of towering pines like seashells and lighthouses belong in a beach house.

After I post, I will fill up the bird feeder, finish distributing all the paraphernalia I brought up here and read awhile before a roaring wood fire.  And after supper, I will settle in with some tea or decaf, recline on our sofa and watch a little TV or read some more.  I brought the new electric hot air popcorn popper I gifted my husband and organic corn kernels.    Let’s see how that works out.



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